A Photography workshop was organized on 28.06.2019 under the aegis of the Creativity Hub. The innovative programme was formally inaugurated by the Principal of the institution   Dr. P Nazeer and delivered on introductory speech to the session. Dr. Dilshad welcome the participants and the facilitator to the workshop. The facilitator who handled the class was a promising young, lady photographer from Bangalore University Ms. Anaidha who had earned much recognition and any awards for varied genres of photography, vedeography and in documentary-making. Faculty members Dr.M.S.Noufal and Mr. Valeed delivered felicitation speech.

        The session started by 10.30 and was concluded by 12.30. The recourse person briefly demonstrated and explained the various concepts underlying the different genres of photography, visual effects. Emotions highlighted through lights and shadows. She introduced the students to the different genres such as candid, portraits, landscape, street photography mainly through numerous visuals that she filmed. She also emphasized on the importance of natural light (sun light) over artificial light , editing skills the dedication and patience that the profession requires etc which was an eye-opener to then enthused participants.

      The whole session was very fruitful and enlightening to the participants consisting of mostly girls. They gained lot of insights from the class as a few of them revealed their intension to get initiated in to the visual media by taking up the profession in future.