On 8 August 2019, due to heavy rainfall in the Monsoon season, severe flood affected the southern Indian State of Kerala. As a security measure in the prevailing situation of heavy rains, the Government of Kerala had issued Red alert in the 9 districts in Northern and Central Kerala, orange alert in 3 districts of Central Kerala, and yellow alert in the 2 districts of southern Kerala. Thousands of people have been evacuated to safer places and relief camps. A total of 101 people have died due to rain-related incidents since 14 August 2019,

NSS Unit campaigned for collecting flood relief materials and a collection centre was set up in the college. The collection centre started functioning from 11-08-2019 and was able to gather considerable quantity of essential items to help the people affected by the floods. The fetched items were distributed at the camps of Nilambur by a group of volunteers on 15-08-2019 headed by the Programme Officer Mr Asseem J.