A three day training workshop was organised by the ED Club from 09th to 11th December 2019 to train the students in the production of eco-friendly bamboo reed waste baskets. The programme was inaugurated by the principal Dr. P.Nazeer in the ED Room. He showed his enthusiasm by joining the group attempting to grasp the art. The lady trainer, Smt Sheeja from SEWA Unit initially conducted a demonstration class for the group. Then each girl was taught the skill of weaving the reeds into a basket individually. The intricate skill was easily grasped by a few girls but some found it a bit strenuous.

The aim of the workshop was to convert the campus into a plastic free zone by producing enough reed baskets to replace all the plastic waste bins. The programme was also intended as exercise in an experiential learning. It helped the students in realising the importance of going back to nurture and our ancient tribal culture for aiming at a substantial living. The workshop was doubly successful by accomplishing its mission of imparting a life skill to a good number of students, and also by its contribution of sufficient baskets to attain the green campus status to the institution.