Arabic Association

The initiative of the Arabic Association in Mannaniya college is to motivate the students to study of Arabic language and also intended to benefit them. Our college considered this is a big achievement, in the academic field, we will be moving forward with new changes and experiments. Such steps can be utilized by both college students and teachers. It have all the help and support from our college Management and Principal Dr. P Nazeer, and other Teachers and Staffs.

The Arabic Association  has taken as a challenge its activities for Arabic language, due to Arabic does not have a main department in our college. However, the initiative is aimed at delivering the relevance of the Arabic language to Students by utilizing the Arabic as an additional language for all the subjects in the degree courses. In addition to this, several classes and seminars can be done to introduce Arabic language, culture and diversity. It can be help for the Students to learn from the Arabic alphabet, find its language structure and find applications. Thus start with its first lessons learning  from basic levels of language can also help to get acquainted with the international language. In addition, we can also start certificate courses such as spoken Arabic and communicative Arabic to speak the language. Any learner of this course can understand the Arabic speaking language used in foreign countries, especially in the Gulf countries. After studying, the Students can easily participating in job interviews in the Gulf countries and get a better job. This Arabic study has helped to work in different sectors of life, such as company, office, factory, industries, school, college, airport and shop in the Gulf countries.

A lot of opportunities in the translation field who has studied both English and Arabic languages. For this, the Arabic-English translation course can be done through this Association. Translation course is also an area of ​​interest in many areas such as airport and various courts. Visa translation, document translation, certificate translation are important areas in translation fields.

The Arabic Language and Literary Courses are very useful in introducing Arabic language and culture. Even when learning a language, it makes it even more attractive in its language and literature study. Thus, students are more helpful to like this language and explore its history and culture.

The function of Arabic Association  has been used with such innovative ideas. This is useful for every person in the community, as it is for students. Arabic Association can make its influence in the literary, cultural and commercial spheres. We hope that Arabic Association help us to better understand the Arabic language, its latest trends, identify life’s achievements and provide more guidance for an Arabic-cultural field of higher learning.



Dr Anvarshah . S

Assistant Professor of Arabic