The Department of Chemistry is a part of the institution since its inception in August 1995. At the undergraduate level, the department started B.Sc Polymer Chemistry course in the year 1995 and from 2010 to 2014, it offered B.Sc in Polymer Chemistry under the Choice Based Credit and Semester System of University of Kerala with Mathematics and Physics as the complementary courses. In 2014, B.Sc Polymer Chemistry was replaced by B.Sc Chemistry sans any change in complimentary subjects. All the faculty members in the Department hold doctoral degree and have published research papers in national and international journals. In addition to that they have presented papers in national and International conferences. The Head of the Department, Dr. Mercy Raj C is a member of the Board of Studies in Polymer Chemistry (UG and PG), University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram and Dr. Shiji Fazil has been the coordinator of the Science Club.

Majority of the students in the department, on completion of the degree course, get selected for PG and B.Ed courses in various University Departments and Colleges. Many young talented chemists have been shaped from this department who are at present working in various reputed Research Institutes, Colleges and many of them possess doctoral degrees too. In order to facilitate the students in their pursuit of knowledge, the department conducts seminars, workshops, science exhibitions and quiz competitions.The students are given ample opportunities to present papers on various aspects of Chemistry and to attend seminars, quiz competitions and various extracurricular activities. Visit to chemical factories and research institutions provide an exposure to students besides their theoretical and practical classes. A science journal viz; “Kevlar” is being published from our department annually. For improving the performance of the department, tutorial sessions and Parent – Teacher – Student interactions are held periodically. To further motivate the young talents, cash awards and memento are presented to those students who secure the highest marks in Chemistry in the second and final year degree examination. The department also helps financially backward students in completing their studies and for their higher education.

Vision and mission

The department has a student centered approach towards teaching.The mission of the department is to produce knowledgeable graduates through providing outstanding teaching and quality training in chemistry, thereby equipping the students to excel in academia, research and industry. We are providing inclusive and collaborative environment where the students and faculty create and disseminate scholarly knowledge and solve problems.

Objectives of the Department

Majority of the students are coming from educationally and economically poor backgrounds and so the parents appear to be least interested in the higher education of their children. Hence the main objective of the Department is to uplift those students who belong to the economically weaker section of the society, in accordance with the vision and mission of the institution.

Outcome of the B.Sc Chemistry Programme

  • The students will obtain proficiency in all branches of chemistry: Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Polymer.
  • The programme familiarizes the students with the theoretical concepts of atomic structure, chemical bonding, coordination chemistry, Bio-inorganic chemistry, nuclear chemistry and basic aspects of the chemistry in relation to environment.
  • Students will acquire basic laboratory skills required for chemical analysis and become familiar with data collection, record keeping and data analysis in a chemical laboratory.
  • Upon completion of the B.Sc Chemistry Programme, students become capable enough to pursue Post Graduate programmes / B.Ed course or get employment in analytical laboratories or chemical industries.

Head of the Department


Associate Professor & Head,

Department of Chemistry

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