Code Of Ethics

Upholding intellectual integrity and honesty in academic writing, Mannaniya College has put in place a series of measures aimed at maintaining ethical practices in research activities. The students / faculty should abide by the following guidelines:

  •  All academic and research work undertaken by the students in the form of assignments, project reports, dissertations should be free from plagiarism.
  • The students should give an undertaking that the project/ dissertation/ assignment submitted for assessment is bona fide.
  • The supervising faculty should check and verify the submitted assignment as free from plagiarism before issuing the certificate to the student.
  • The students and faculty members may use the “Plagiarism Checker X Pro” software provided in the library to ensure the authenticity of the projects/theses /dissertations submitted.
  • Students/ faculty members may avail Plagiarism check facility available at Kerala University Library.

All departments of the College must ensure that the students attend sensitization programmes on Plagiarism organised annually by the Research Forum of the College.