The College Council

To assist and advice Principal in the internal affairs of the College, a Council is constituted as per the Statute of the University of Kerala . Presently, following are the members of the Council.

  1. Principal (Chairman)
  2. Dr. Parameswaran Ashok Nair (Secretary- Elected Member)
  3. Sri. S. Abdul Hashim (HOD of Islamic History)
  4. Dr. C. Mercy Raj (HOD of Chemistry)
  5. Dr. Jaseedha. K (HOD of English)
  6. Dr. M.S. Noufal (HOD of Additional Language)
  7. Dr. A. Baiju (HOD of Physical Education)
  8. Smt. Suma. R (HOD of Commerce)
  9. Dr. Naseehath. S (Librarian)
  10. Sri. Mohammed Junaid (Office Superintendent)
  11. Student Representative