Mannaniya Counselling Centre

A Counselling Centre is established in our college in the academic year 2017-18 for empowering the student population. The main aim of this Centre is to provide psychological support and mentoring to the students, who have problems in studies, behaviour, development, adjustment and help them to develop the skills needed to improve the areas of their life that might need a little tuning.



  • To help individuals to attain better psychological and personal growth.
  • Individual and group mentoring for skill development
  • Giving awareness on the factors that may lead to disruption, like alcoholism, drug abuse, marital disharmony and maladjustment with the family members.
  • Crisis intervention and proper management.
  • Pre marital counselling
  • Create a better learning environment.
  • To promote mental health of students.



The Counseling Center offers a broad range of services like assessment, counseling, brief psychotherapy and referral on a voluntary and confidential basis. Our purpose is to help students cope with dilemmas in their personal development or with painful life events, and also to help students develop resilience so they are better able to respond to problems and concerns. We are here to help in ways that further students’ growth and make their experiences as students to be more productive and successful. Crisis intervention and proper management of cases through adequate counseling services to the individual as well as the family provide enhancement of skills in handling personal problems and interpersonal conflicts later by themselves. We also provide individual and group counseling.


Hours of Service

Every Wednesday 9.30am.-3.30am.

Appointment should be taken in advance by contacting the Coordinator of the Counseling Center.


Coordinator & Consultant Psychologist

Dr.Dilshad Bin Ashraf

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Mob : 9995354778