Mannaniya Creativity Hub

Mannaniya creativity hub started on September 2017, is aimed at the holistic development of students. A counselling centre, A section in library with more than 400 personal growth books, a reading corner and a video hub are functioning in creativity hub. A lot of creative activities and skill development programs were organised such as seminars, quiz completions, elocution contests, debates, day observances, photography contest, English speaking course, pre-marital counselling course, peer counsellor course, publishing books, manuscript magazines etc. We are also extending our services to the community. We visualise to:

  • Skill development of students (Goal setting, Improving communication skill, Employability)
  • Building up a positive attitude towards life.
  • support schools in serving students with issues that are interfering with school functioning.
  • utilize the findings of psychology and related subjects for social well-being and change
  • provide psychological services to schools, colleges, orphanages, old age homesand other marginalised groups.
  • undertake researches on social problems and social phenomena and bring out the findings to the attention of the general public and the civil authorities
  • develop psychological awareness in general public by publishing pamphlets, notices,journals and books



Dr Dilshad Bin Ashraf

Assistant Professor

Dept of Psychology