Our college is trying to adopt disabled-friendly campus policy. To achieve this target, the following facilities are provided for the physically disabled students

  • Wheel chair
  • Rail in the staircase
  • Ramp for easy access to the main building

An accessible restroom is designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities.

  • Scribes for exams
  • Our institute has counselling centre. A special concern is giving to physically disabled students for their confidence building. The center frequently conduct counselling programme for providing support to people with disabilities and their parents. Coordinator of divyanjan Dr Dilshad Bin Ashraf, Asst professor, Dept of Psychology is an expert in disability management . His research was produced in disability studies.


  • A scholarship awareness class were been delivered to students to help them utilize all the services and benefits offered and sponsored by Government to pursue higher studies or attain employability. Class were organized by Dr Shiji Fazil, Nodal officer for Scholarship
  • Study groups were formed to help these students understand the concepts under study which otherwise they found difficult to grasp within the stipulated class hours, with the help of concerned tutors of respective departments.


  • We are providing exam scribing (scribe is a person who writes, or word processes a student’s dictated answers in exams) services for the students who are unable to write the examination. At present five students from our institution is benefitting this service


  • We also included the physically challenged students in the OOTTUPURA scheme, where economically backward students are availing free food from our college canteen.



Dr Dilshad Bin Ashraf

Assistant Professor

Dept of Psychology