Entrepreneurship Development Club

Mannaniya College of Arts and Science created a new sun-rise to the creativity and skilled talents in the campus. Our college Entrepreneurship Development Club is formed under the registration of Department of Industries and Commerce, District Industries Centre (DIC) Reg. No: EDC / Tvm / 46 / 18. The Entrepreneurship Development Club opens a new world of opportunity to the students. Our main motive is to nurturing and developing entrepreneurial skills of the students. A room for the Entrepreneurship Development Club is the number one priority. It became possible through the talented members of our group. It has been modified with creativity and enjoys a tremendous ambience.2nd November 2017, the Entrepreneurship Development Club was officially launched and was inaugurated by our honourable principal Mr. A. H Badrudheen.


Mehandi Unit (Mehfil Mehandhi Hub):  “Art in the hand” this unit functions on Fridays which helps students who are skilled in Mahanadi designing to earn.

Recycling Unit: “Creation from the useless” the new products are being recycled into existence. It is one of our most eco-friendly units.

Flower Making: Long lasting beauty from hand is the highlight of the unit. Varieties of ideas are born from the unit.

Ornaments Making: The beauty of the jewel is being valued here.. The unit’s outputs are being put on sale in outside fancy shops.

Candle Making: Our member gives light in the darkness. Coloured candles are the most demanding products of this club.

Embroidery and Stitching Unit: Needle and thread combination with creative. It works more for the clubs activity.

Agarbathi Making: It is one of the activities held in our club. The aroma agarbathis spreads peace in its surroundings.

Pot Painting and Fabric Painting: More than any other form of art work, the pot painting and fabric painting made a special attention to us.

Soap Making: Soap making is an important part of our club. It spreads the creativity among students. It’s the fusion of both colour ad smell is what makes it a product worth its demand.

Greeting card making: we make a variety of greeting cards which are being sold when it makes its mark.

Notepad Making:  We also make notepads, which are being sold.



Smt. Jasmin  J

Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce