The Department of Islamic History offers B.A. in Islamic History ever since 1995, i.e. when the Mannaniya College of Arts and Science took birth, with Linguistics and Indian History as complementary subjects. It is acclaimed as one of the very few departments in Kerala where Islamic History is offered at the graduate level. The department is led by eminent faculty members who have made remarkable contributions to this discipline. The department also has a research guide affiliated to the University of Kerala. The faculty members have published a number of research papers and books on this subject. Some of our students have secured top ranks in the university level examinations. Seven of our former students are already faculty members in various colleges under the University of Kerala. Considering the high demand for this course, the student enrollment number has been increased to fifty-five per class. The PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) meets regularly to provide a platform for teachers, parents and students to collectively discuss about the academic performance and other activities of the students. We take special care to hear them out and aid them in solving their problems through counselling.

Vision and Mission


To impart in the younger generation a deep knowledge about prophetic mission, contributions of pious caliphs and other important Islamic dynasties of the world, Islamic rule in medieval India, genesis and spread of Islam in Kerala, revivalism in Islam, political thought and human rights in Islam, West Asian problems and Islamic economic system.


The programme aims to give an overall  historic perspective of Islam.

Programme objectives

The programme intends to familiarize the students about the life and mission of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], period of glorious Caliphs, spread of Islam in the world, West Asian problems, Islamic Law and the Islamic Economic system based on Quran and Hadith.

Programme outcome

  • provides information regarding the eventful life and mission of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • gives in depth knowledge on the greatest glory of the Khilafath.
  • presents an idea about the Umayyah, Abbasid, Ottoman and other Islamic dynasties of the world.
  • imparts in them a knowledge about Islamic economic system.
  • gives an overview about the genesis of major issues in West Asia.