Minority Welfare Cell

The minority welfare cell in Mannaniya College of Arts & Science, Thiruvanthapuram was constituted in the academic year 2015-16,  with the purpose of empowering the minority communities in the College. The minority cell basically helps minority students including Christian, muslims, Jain, Sikh etc in improving their academic performance and extra curricular activities.



  • To  encourage minority students to enrol for career orientation programmes like Walk With a Scholar(WWS), ASAP etc,   which would empower them and equip them with the necessary skills to choose a career option.
  • To ensure equal opportunities for education of minorities.
  • To facilitate financial support for minority communities from Government agencies and other sources in form of Scholarships and Endowments.
  • To deal with the representations received from the Minority students regarding academic and campus life in the college.


Convener: Dr. Shiji Fazil

Members:  Dr. M.S. Noufal

                   Dr. Dilshad Bin Ashraf

                    Smt. Mumthas. S


Dr Shiji Fazil

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry