MINT – Vocational Training Centre

MINT (Mannaniya Innovative Talents)

         Mannaniya College is located in a rural area, a good majority of the people are economically and educationally backward. The institution true to its vision and mission wants to change this socio-economic situation of the locality to some extent. With this objective in mind the institution has setup “MINT (Mannaniya Innovative Talents) – a Vocational Training Centre” with the noble vision of upgrading the lives of female students and rural women. It is said that empowering a woman is almost equivalent to helping a family, and consecutively the society as a whole. The Mint attempts to empower women by giving training in various areas and skills so as to enable them to earn a comfortable income. Training sessions are organized by students trained in stitching, candle making, flower making, agarbathi making, soap manufacturing, paper bag production etc. This vocational training team of the college thus facilitates and benefits the local population along with empowering and enhancing the qualities of the student community.



Smt. Jasmin  J

Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce