MYTRI stands for Mannaniya Youth Transcending (Transforming) Redefining (Reconstructing) Identity. MYTRI started in our institution in the academic year 2018-19

MYTRI, the gender forum tries to question identify and tries to go beyond inter-sectionalists of gender and the categorisation and compartmentalisation of gender identities. It attempts to interrogate and challenge structures of inequality, social constructs of gender, relations and systemic oppressions based on social inequalities. Major objectives of MYTRI:

  • Change gender norms
  • Break gender barriers
  • Change in imbalance of power

MHRD endorses it with its programme and initiatives: “Gender champs”

The forum, MYTRI with the motto “Together we can”and with the mission of ‘attaining gender equity and equality for all’ irrespective of gender works with the solid vision of creating a barrier free world where solidarity prevails without any gender discriminations. MYTRI is envisaged as a gender equity club or platform the student community to promote, discuss and achieve equality of gender. It aims to break all barriers so as to create an environment of amenity by means of gender main streaming initiatives to ensure gender justice and to institutionalise gender equality through community outreach programmes as well as social networking facilitated by the students. Garnering support from the society by raising awareness about the importance of gender equity in the society for all genders is the thrust area of this forum.



Dr Jaseedha K

Associate Professor of English