Mannaniya Mates- Alumni Association

Mannaniya Mates is an association of former students and teachers, including retired teachers of Mannaniya college constituted with the intention of fostering a bond among them all. The association provides avenues for the alumni to participate in various social events and provides a forum for them to contribute through special talks and lectures for enhancing the employability of the students and enabling the current students to leverage the alumni. It also aims at overall development of its members and the College. The Association aims at establishing and maintaining close contact and friendship with all those who leave this college after their studies. Former students are enrolled as members and they are informed of the various activities, progress and achievements of the College. The association conducts annual alumni meet to rejuvenate the old memories and renew the contacts. The annual meet of Mannaniya Mates is conducted every year on the second-nth Saturday of August.

  • To bring together all the old students and the faculty of Mannaniya College to share their experiences with each other.
  • To utilize the rich experiences of old students of the college for the benefit and progress of the present students and the college.
  • To promote the campus placements through the old students working in reputed industries in India and abroad.
  • To get the valuable advice of the Alumni in the overall development of the college.
  • To provide guidance to the present students in their endeavor for better employment and higher studies.
  • To arrange seminars, debates, workshops and also to arrange cultural and social welfare programs
  • To arrange donations to the poor students either by way of scholarships.
  • To involve the members in the overall development of the college and the Society


Naseer. A


Sakeer Hussain. A


Dr.M.S Noufal

Staff Co-ordinator

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