Any institution will have to address a mainstream education programme and a complementary practice for quality assurance and achievement of its objectives.  Value imbibing and the related philanthropic outlook are path of an educational programme that may contribute to the development of the nation.  Hence the underlying principles at work is augmenting values for the benefit of humanity. 


  • To learn human values
  • To inculcate a value system in a modern life
  • To develop a protocol of behaviour in a modern society
  • To develop societal commitment among the students for the benefit of the poor

Major Activities

  1. Orphanage Support Progrmme

Complementary education and outreach programmes are unique features of higher education in India. Hence the management is running two orphanages (Mannaniya Orphanage, Pangode&MannaniyaBanath, Mukkunnam, Kadakkal) for male and female and thereby linking the college with philanthropic activities. The philanthropic programmes brings each one of the learner of the college directly with the value system expected out of such programmes. The practice includes active involvement of the students, faculty and the management. The following programmes are conducted for value education

  • Extension lectures by students and faculty
  • Personal counselling and group therapy
  • Mentoring services
  • Skill development training
  • Socially Useful Work Programme (SUWP) –training in flower making, ornament making
  • Ethical guidance
  1. Community School

Our institute committed to help the students to develop their knowledge and skills, that isnecessary for becoming an active citizen who recognize the importance of contributing to thebroader values and needs of society. We signed anMoU with Heaven Tree Philanthropy ServiceForum and started a community school programme to support the local school students. As partof this programme, we mutually facilitate in organising and conducting perpetually, thecommunity school, with the aim and objectives of assisting marginalised and underprivilegedadolescent school children of the surrounding locality. The project is termed as TEEN’S TRACK –a pathway for mental health and harmony of young people. The major programmes arepsychosocial support to students of nearby schools, training to mentors and family/communitysupport activities.



Orphanage Support Programme

Community School

Flood Relief Activities