Dr. P Nazeer

Former Director, Dept of Minority Welfare, Govt of Kerala

Mannaniya College is a selfless contribution to society by an organization which believes in knowledge dissemination as the noblest way to empower an individual. Mannaniya gives due importance to both academic and personality development of the students thereby molding them into discerning citizens. We are proud to say that this is one of the few colleges in Kerala where the students collectively partake in all the activities of the college irrespective of political affiliations. We have also been able to fortify the student teacher relationship by cultivating feelings of mutual trust, respect and affection. The reunion of Mannaniya alumni every year on campus is testament to this unbreakable bond of love that the teachers and students share. The Mannaniya family, as we lovingly call has been able to contribute eminent personalities to both education and cultural fields precisely because we embrace the twin aspects of knowledge and fairness of spirit.