Details of Govt. Scholarships

Sl.NoName of ScholarshipAmount(Rs/-) in YearWebsite Link
1Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship(SJMS)10000(UG & PG)
2C.H Mohammed Koya Scholarship(MGS)3000(ug)
3Kerala Higher Education Scholarship12,000(I UG)
4StateMerit Scholarship(SMS)1250(UG)
5Hindi Scholarships(HS)500(UG)/150No.s
6Muslim Nadar Girls Scholarships(MNS)125/annum
7StateMerit Scholarship(SMS)1250(ug)
8DistrictMerit Scholarship(DMS)1250
9Blind/PH Scholarship(BPHFC)Fee and hostel Charges for concerned students
10Central sector scholarships(CSS)10000(UG)
11Postmatric scholarship (PMS)3600(UG &PG)
13Vidhyasammunnathi Scholarship5000(UG), 6000/- (PG)
14Kerala University Merit Scholarship2500/-(UG), 3000/-(PG)
15IndiraGandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child2000/-per month
16Student Aid fund Scholarship from the University Union750/-(UG),1000/-(PG)


Dr Shiji Fazil

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Alumni /Other Scholarships

  1. M.O. Anil Kumar Memorial Award

In fond remembrance of the first Head of the Department of Chemistry, Dr. M.O Anilkumar who strived to popularize science education and a great teacher and Visionary. This award instituted in the year 2013-14 by  the institution  for the best out going student from B.Sc Chemistry/Polymer Chemistry.



  1. Abdul Quadir Memorial Award

To commemorate the services rendered by the late Sri Abdul Quadir, the first Inspector of Muslim Education  of Travancore, for the modernization of Arabic Education in Kerala and for his struggles and initiatives to bring the Muslim Community of Travancore –Cochin into the ambit of formal education. This award was Instituted by Dr Jaseedha .K, faculty of English, for the excellence in Arabic Language and constituted during the year 2016-17.


  1. k.Kamaluddin Memorial Endowment

Instituted by Dr Jaseedha. K, Associate professor, Department of English, in memory of her late father who was a multi linguist and an eminent professor of English, for the excellence in English Language and constituted during the year 2016-17.

  1. Joy Kuttan Memorial Award

Joy Kuttan Memorial Award instituted by the parents of Sri, Joykuttan , 2008-2011 batch ,B.Sc Poymer Chemistry student who passed away while studying. The award was given to the student secured highest mark in IV semester B.Sc Chemistry.

  1. 2009-2012 Batch Alumni Endowment

This endowment is sponsored by the 2009-2012 B.Com Travel and Tourism  Manangement alumni batch for the best out going student in the TTM batch from the academic year 2014.