The total students are divided into several groups and a teacher is put in charge of each group. Within this system every student is free to approach the tutor for proper guidance and counselling. A mentor/tutor is a trusted counselor, a guide and a teacher. A mentor coaches, teaches, advises, supports, guides and helps the mentees achieve their goals. The tutor is expected to communicate with the students under him/her in a very cordial and friendly way and  discuss the problems face by his/her wards in their personal life, studies, etc.


  • The tutorial system has been organized to help the student in academic matter and find their field of interest and other problems in a better way.
  • Group tutor/mentor has to meet their students at least once in a week or regularly and collect details for the purpose.
  • Mentor has to meet parents of their mentees at least quarterly in a year and discuss the progress of the student.
  • Mentor has to provide proper guidance and counselling in personal and academic matters.
  • Mentor has to probe whether the mentee is in need of any type of assistance, especially financial.
  • The mentor should try to assess whether mentee is physically and mentally fit to study well.
  • The mentor has to maintain and submit individual reports (each student) and a collective report regularly.



Dr Ezreth P

Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce