Name of the Faculty Topic Website
Dr. M.S. Noufal
Associate Professor
Department of Malayalam
Tradition and VisualArt
Shri. A.H. Badrudeen
Associate Professor
Department of History
Civil Disobedience Movement
Dr. Dilshad Bin Ashraf
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Transactional Analysis
Dr.P. Ashok Nair
Assistant Professsor
Dept.of Mathematics
Dr. Jaseedha. K
Associate Professor
Dept. of English
Writing for the media
Smt. Noufia. S.N
Assistant Professor
Dept. of English
Process of Writing
Dr. Shiji Fazil
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Chemistry
Chemistry of NanoMaterials
Smt. Suma. R
Associate Professor &
Head, Dept. of Commerce
Types of Tourism
Dr. Anwarshah. S
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Arabic
Significance of Arabic
language in the world culture
Dr. P. Nazeer
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Islamic History
An Introduction to
Islamic Finance and Banking
Shri. Sarath
Assistant Professor(Guest
Faculty) Dept. of Physics
Satellite Communication