Mannaniya College aspires to be a leading educational institution in Kerala, a centre of excellence in quality education, skill development, training and technology to augment its potential for worldclass leadership and societal commitment to people and build a climate of unity, enthusiasm and hope to work towards the maximum welfare for the maximum people so as to make this a better society for future generation.


  • Achieving excellence, developing potential, improving skills, becoming effective, and leading to success.
  • Conceptualizing postmodern classroom strategies, curricular objectives, and evaluation measures.
  • Facilitating a context-sensitive, location-specific teaching /learning atmosphere based on local linguistic and socio-cultural particularities.
  • Integrating Digital technology through the utilization of ‘state of the art’ infrastructure and learning resources.
  • Developing a new paradigm that is student-centered, environment friendly and ‘all-inclusive learner support system’, so as to prepare students to be contributors of knowledge and not just merely recipients of knowledge.
  • Making the college a ‘symbol of excellence’, a ‘model of efficiency’, and an example, in terms of academic standards , skill development, autonomy, accountability and self-sustainability based on the framework of governance, leadership and management.
  • Aiming at core competency development through ‘work–based community engagement’ and ‘community–based’ action research.
  • Developing empathy, compassion and commitment to local community life.


  • Discipline and determination
  • Team work and hard work
  • Honesty
  • Secularism
  • Receptiveness to learn from others
  • Tolerance and courtesy
  • Empathy
  • Academic Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Public mission
  • Ethics and Dignity
  • Commitment
  • Respect