Mannaniya College of Arts and Science aspires to be a leading educational institution in Kerala as a centre of excellence by providing quality education, ensuring skill development training with the aid of technology to augment its potential for a world class leadership by the societal commitment to people and by building a climate of unity, enthusiasm and hope to work towards the optimum welfare for the maximum number of people so as to develop a better society for the next generation.


  • Achieving excellence, developing potential, improving skills, attaining efficiency leading to success.
  • Conceptualizing post modern classroom strategies, to achieve curricular goals to evolve evaluation strategies.
  • Facilitating a context-sensitive, location- specific teaching /learning atmosphere focussing on the local linguistic and socio cultural particularities.
  • Integrating digital technology equipped ‘state of the art’ infrastructure and learning resources for attaining optimum educational goals.
  • Developing a new paradigm that is student- centred, environment friendly and an inclusive learner support system: so as to prepare students to be contributors of knowledge and not just merely recipients of knowledge.
  • Making the college ‘a paragon of excellence’ ‘a paradigm of efficiency’ and an example, in terms of academic standards, skill development, autonomy, accountability and self sustainability based on an ideal framework of governance , leadership and management.
  • Aiming of a core competency development through ‘work-based community engagement’ and ‘community oriented action research’.


  • Discipline and determination
  • Team work and hard work
  • Honesty
  • Secularism
  • Receptiveness to learn from others
  • Tolerance and courtesy
  • Empathy
  • Academic excellence
  • Diversity
  • Public mission
  • Ethics and dignity
  • Commitment
  • Respect