Women Study Unit

Women’s study unit of the institution acts primarily as a catalyst by empowering girls of the institution acts primarily as a catalyst by empowering girls of the institution to realise their full potential and exercise their rights and power as active agents of social transformation in the nation building process. WSU provides them with unique opportunities and exemplary guidance to make them committed to challenge and question the myriad in equalities that prevails in the surrounding society and the wider world outside. The centre adopts an inclusive approach as it believes that the exclusion of women’s perspective, and contributions by keeping them in the margins is the root-cause to all the social problems women confront everywhere in the present world. The thrust given is to spread awareness about exercising their rights and privileges which  enables them to combat many grave issues such as gender specific violence, domestic violence, etc. media literacy offered by WSU equip them to resist unfair representation of women in the media. WSU also focuses its attention to another the pressing need of women – widening their employment opportunities which demands adequate job training and employability skills.

Women’s study unit plays an active role in the institution by empowering the girls, fostering cordial relations among the student community and thus creating an ambience of amity and cordiality in the campus. WSU provides motivation, creates awareness regarding legal and gender rights, sensitizes on social issues, empowers them to take the right decisions in life and career, thereby moulding them into resilient individuals and responsible citizens. The centre collaborates with other stakeholders in the institution such as the NSS and ED Club to effectively and successfully accomplish its goals and missions.

The prime activities and programmes include numerous awareness programmes enlightening talks and lectures by dignitaries, food fests conducted annually intending to break all gender stereotypes, multitude of women’s club activities in collaboration with the college union, quiz, elocution, poster designing contests on themes related to women, international women’s day celebration, cultural programmes such as flash mob performances and group- choreographed dance items that validate their self-esteem  shatters their inhibitions.



Dr Jaseedha K

Associate Professor of English