Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education is the process of integrating technology into the field of education. The concept of ICT moved the traditional classroom of desks, notebooks, pencils, and blackboard to an online forum of computers, softwares, and the Internet. ICT aid students who need special attention to accomplish working tasks at their own pace. In addition to this, with the help of ICT, students with multiple difficulties can communicate more easily. The other benefit of using of ICT is that students can demonstrate their achievements in ways which might not be possible with traditional methods. Our institute has enabled ICT for enhancing and improving the quality of the educational activities. We provide wired internet facility and Wi-Fi connection for all the staff and students. The institution has wall mounted and portable LCD projector, Instalock screens, interactive board andTV, documents projector, laptops, audio-video systems, microphone (wired and wireless), mixer, camera, microphone attached podium stand, video camera, CDs, DVDs etc for strengthening teaching-learning facilities.The details of ICT facilities in the institution is as follows:

College Administrative Office
The Institute provides computers, printers and scanners to the superintendent, accountant and secretaries to the principal. The office is well connected with wired internet and Wi-Fi.

Digital Library
The library has computers, internet and Wi-Fi connection for the staff and students, which provides browsing facilities for both staff members and students. Library subscribes NLIST from INFLIBNET, which enables the clientele to access the e-books and e-journals free of cost. The remote access to the N-list e-resources is provided to the users by creating login IDs and passwords of their own. The National Digital Library of India is also being made available to the users through login ID and password.The library is automated with an Integrated Library Management Software-LIBSOFT 4.1 version with OPAC and Web OPAC (http://mcas.libsoft.org) facilities. An online version of plagiarism check software named Plagiarism Checker X is installed to check the uniqueness of the projects and dissertations of the students.
Computer Lab
We have a well-furnished computer lab with a server, 25 systems with LAN connection, headphones, audio-video cameras, Instalock screen, LCD projector and Wi-Fi Connections.

Technology Enabled Classrooms
We have well furnished smart classrooms with wall mounted LCD projectors and interactive whiteboards. A computer, wall mounted LCD projector and an Instalock screen are installed in four graduate class rooms, one from each department. Our institution has one postgraduate course having two class rooms, each of these class rooms are also have a computer, LCD projector, microphone attached podium and Instalock screen.

Seminar hall
A seminar hall with a minimum of 300 seating capacity is available in the campus. The seminar hall is equipped with wall mounted LCD projector, computer, Instalock screen and audio-visual system. Events such as meetings, seminars/symposia, etc are organized here.

Conference Room
The Conference Room provides facilities and services for academic meetings, video conferencing, and job recruitment procedures. The state-of-the-art Conference Room provides an ambiance that takes us away from the regular work environment, leaving us to concentrate solely on our task. Inside the hall, a laptop, interactive TV and audio-visual system are provided.

The staff, student and teachers have access to internet and Wi-Fi connection. Each staff, student and teacher is given a separate user name and password. The college community use the available computers in the institution for curricular and co-curricular activities like power point presentation preparation, seminars, assignments, etc. They also use the equipment for seminars and for preparing teaching learning materials. The facculties avail the ICT facilities to enhance their teaching competencies and for the research purposes.
Audio resource library
The introduction of audio resources in teaching and learning is an alternative to print, whichhelps the students to digest the topic in an easier way. One of the significant benefits of audio information is that students can listen to audio in the background, whenever they want. The other benefit is that students who don’t have access to the internet may find audio information on tape or CD,that can be used for grasping small chunks of information at a time. We, Mannaniya College is very much keen to use the technologies like audio resources in the teaching and learning process. The faculties of our college record their topic as voice clips and upload it in our college website. The students can download the voice clipsfrom the website and use this when they want to listen.
YouTube channel: Mannaniya college video sharing platform
The video-sharing website, YouTube provides unlimited opportunities to the students for enhancingtheir understanding of the concept while handling difficult topics in their subjects. Our college started a You Tube channel and use this channel to share the class room videos, which helps the students to watch and re-watch the difficult topic until they get a vivid idea about the topic.