Yoga and Meditation

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Yoga is an art and science and it has been considered as an alternative form of exercise to
keep the mind and body healthy and happy. The term Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root
‘YUJ’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’. Today, Yoga is practiced all over the world as
part of healthy life style. In the education system, practicing yoga helps the students to
maintain mental and physical hygiene, to possess emotional stability, to integrate moral values
and to attain higher level of consciousness. A Yoga Centre was established in the college campus
in the year 2018 on International Yoga Day, 21-06-2018.



Dr.  A . Baiju
Associate professor and Head Physical education department


Dilshad Binashraf
Assistant professor and Head, Psychological department

Dr. Shijina
Assistant professor
Department of commerce